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University of Sharjah / AUST

Dynamically view and show the materials available at UOS Previous Exams & AUST Previous Exams page, with file size, file type, and more.!

GPA Calculator

User can check his GPA offline..!

Have a Break, Have a Tic Tac Toe

You’ve got some free time? challenge Qurtoba AI or your friend with a Tic Tac Toe game

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What did they say?

This website is quite helpful, this site is my first choice in calculating my GPA. Keep up the good work (Y) !Ali
do u know that ur the best person in the world ? u have no idea how much this helped me not jus to study but to pass my courses !! waiting for more exams
Thank you alot for helping other students. It’s a time consuming for you but AL hamdullah you helped alot of people and we really pray that allah may bless you 🙂
thanks alot and fightinggggggggggg ^^CompEng
Such an amazing effort, very appreciated.
thank you for helping us out. 🙂Shahad
Thanks alot for all your efforts, this website is more than amazing, and it helped me out alot ever since I started my first semester in this college. The gpa calculator helped me out the most, now I can calculate my gpa and expected marks, keeping track of my preformance.
So, thankyou very much once again, you have done a splendid job with this website. Keep it up !Reema Aref

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